Queue (queue) wrote,


Class was pretty decent. The instructor has a slight speech impediment, so I have to concentrate to understand him. He showed us some of his pictures, which were pretty neat. And he talked about some stuff. Our assignment is to do some hip shooting. Set the camera to focus about 7.5 feet away with a short lens, so that the depth of field is from 4.5 feet to infinity when set at f/16. Set the shutter to 500. Walk along with the camera at your side so that you can snap pictures of people you pass by or people walking behind you. The point is that they won't know you're taking a picture, so you can get some natural poses. It's also a way for us to get used to taking pictures of strangers.

I think I really need to get a tripod for this class. I think I'm going to give up finding a mounting plate for the tripod I do have. I guess I can browse online to see what's out there.
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