Queue (queue) wrote,

From the bulletin board at work

Just wanted to share my bad experience of this morning. I got off the green line from Park St. at Arlington St., and got on the escalator. Unfortunately it was broken, but of course when there are people walking up the escalator, it's not easy to see until you are on the escalator whether it is moving or not.

Then, while people were walking up the escalator, the steps began to move backward, increasing in speed. There were about 10 people behind me on the escalator. Everyone got off safely, but my pants cuff got caught where the steps went underground. Luckily for me (and, I suppose, for those around me), I was able to tug at them and only the cuff was taken off before they were torn all the way up the leg.

The folks at the T were very nice about it all, of course.

Moral of the story? I guess take the steps. It is very scary when I think of all the people who go up the escalators at busier stations with longer escalators, like Porter Square. Of course it sounds like common sense to not go on an escalator that is still, but often by the time you get to the escalator and see, there are many people behind you and it would be tough to step out of line. So in the future I plan to be extra careful, not assume that just because the escalator is apparently in use, that it's working, and not think twice about elbowing my way out of line if something doesn't seem right.
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