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So productive

Before I left yesterday, I checked in with my supervisor to get some work for today, since she's taking a personal day.

I left her something to look at and get back to me before she left, so that I could finish it up today. She didn't get it back to me.

She said she would email or leave at my desk some questions to review. She didn't leave them for me.

She said that my main task for today would be checking proof as it came in, since we were expecting a lot. My name was supposedly one of two at the top of a list given to the person coordinating the distribution of proof today. I have not received any proof to check.

I got a message from my supervisor this morning asking me to check over a few pages on something someone else was checking before she turned it over to production. I have yet to get any of that, and when I do, it will take me about 2 minutes to look at.

So I've spent the day surfing the Web and doing a little Krayzen editing.
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