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March 22nd, 2004
02:36 pm


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Easing back into work
I got in at 9:45. My supervisor was late, and so she got here just in time to go to a meeting. I answered some email in the morning, and then I left to meet hrafn for lunch (it turns out that the building she's working in is the building I attempted to teleport to). Got back from lunch at 1:15. Saw my supervisor, but she was on her way to get lunch. Saw her after her lunch, and she gave me a couple of small things to do. I've now done most of them, but I have to talk to her about one of them. And I'm leaving in another 2-2.5 hours.

Nice, gentle way to get used to being at work again.

I have some thoughts about my vacation and what it might mean for the future, but I don't really feel like jotting them down.

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