Queue (queue) wrote,


I think I want to get a scanner. Anyone have any recommendations?

The e-show thing last night was cool.

I have acquired pictures of me, thanks to magid. Now I need to get them scanned in and make some userpics.

I need to remember to get extra prints of two pictures.

I got some photography books out of the library the other day. Right now I'm reading something called Diana & Nikon. It's a bunch of articles on photography, mostly from the New Yorker, by this one woman. They're in response to photography exhibits or photography books, mostly. I don't get a lot of the references, but it's still pretty interesting.

Work has been busier this week, which is probably why I haven't been posting quite as much as usual. I've got a handle on things, though, which is good. And bitty is there to fetch me things, since she's my personal assistant now.

I think I saw the guy from the bathroom. He was walking down the hall in the middle of the day yesterday. I didn't get a really good look at him in the bathroom, but, still, I'm pretty sure it was the same guy. I could have gotten up earlier this morning, but I slept in a little to make sure I didn't get in too early and risk running into him. I think it's safe to head in now.
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