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It's 7:00, which means it's time to go, but I don't particularly feel like going. I'm happy sitting here, working and listening to music. And I don't have anything that I particularly need to do at home, except scrounge some dinner.

I've never stayed at work this late before. A quick check of my time log shows that the latest I've stayed before is 6:00. I'm considering staying to get some more work done and to make up time.

Very, very weird. Maybe I'll try taking some night pics in the city with my digital camera? I haven't been taking very many digital camera pics since I've started taking film pics. But this morning (err, yeah, it was (just barely) still morning at that point) I wanted to take some pictures, so I got some nice ones of the John Hancock Tower with the reflected sun in it. I think I might make a John Hancock Tower userpic.

Umm, there was something else I was going to say, but I forget. Too distracted by happy music. I think I'm going to work some more.
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