Queue (queue) wrote,


These are both the same place. It's where I'm going to take my pictures to be developed. Note the URLs. Note how different the pages look.



It's interesting that the first one doesn't list the store hours. I'll bet that's because most of their "interesting" business comes through the mail or email.

Luckily, the second one has their hours, and they're open today. I finished off my roll last night, so I think I might get off my ass and take it in today. I don't think I'm going to take more than just this one roll this week. I hope my multiple-flash exposure pictures turn out. If they do, they'll be really cool. I may have to get some drop cloths and set up a little studio in the basement.

Oh, and I can go to Ritz today, if they're open, and get the tripod piece.
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