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A dream where there was a nuclear attack coming, and I was in the military and therefore one of the select few who could go nito this bunker. After the attack came, we went out of the bunker to see the devestation. There were a lot of buildings that were messed up, but things weren't just completely leveled, and there weren't a lot of (any?) casualties (this didn't seem strange in the dream). We were talking with some of the people, but then we were going to have to go back into the bunker, and there was going to be another attack, and none of these people would be able to come with. they were pleading to be able to come in the bunker, but we couldn't let them.

I woke up from this dream some time early, like 3 something? If it hadn't been so early, I would have gotten up so I didn't have any more bad dreams.

A later dream where my father had died, and my mother was in town for his funeral. It was going to be on the Staten Island Bridge, and I had to go buy tickets to get onto the bridge. But I didn't want tickets for the Staten Island Ferry, since that went under the bridge. So I was a little confused when I was in the place to but tickets. I bought the bridge ticket, but I wasn't sure if I needed to buy a ferry ticket, and I kept going back and forth inside there, thinking if I should ask someone or not. I tried calling my mom on my cell phone, but I couldn't get her. (I've had this happen in dreams before, where I either keep misdialing the cell phone, or I'll call and it either won't connect or it will connect to the wrong number. I spend a lot of effort very carefully dialing each digit of the number, but I'm never able to get through.) I finally decide that I'm going to leave, that I don't need to get anything else. Then I hear a cough, my father's cough (he has a very distinctive way of coughing/clearing his throat). I wait and see who it is, and it's someone who looks almost exactly like my father. And he's wearing an outfit that my father has. It flashes through my mind that he's only pretending to be dead for some reason. As he passes by, my mind is racing, but I notice that he isn't quite as bald on top as my father is. I can't decide if this is actually him or not, but then it actually hits me that he's dead, and I start crying. Huge sobs. It feels like I'm actually making those noises myself, and I wake up.

No actual tears. But it's a little after 7 now. Definitely time to get up. No more nightmares for me.


(No Queue points will be awarded for this entry. I can't face going back to proofread it. Besides, dream stuff is more like stream-of-consciousness, so the grammar is going to be a lot looser.)
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