Queue (queue) wrote,

So, I went to Hunt's. It turns out that my tripod is a Ritz brand (Quantaray), so I'll have to go to Ritz to get the piece. Which is fine, since there's a Ritz right by my work. I did manage to pick up a cable release.

Then I went to Stop & Shop and got some soy milk and bananas.

Then I cam home and made dinner, vermicelli with lime juice, Thai red curry paste, soy sauce, and ginger. And there's plenty for lunch today. I checked email and LJ, then took a bath, watched some Simpsons, talked on the phone a little, and had the lights off around 7.

Asleep soon after. I woke up a few times during the night, but I didn't get up until just before 6. Feeling okay. My neck is mostly better, but I can tell that I'll need to be careful with it today. Otherwise, I guess I'm feeling okay. Maybe a little congestion, but that might just be the usual morning congestion. So, either I was imagining things yesterday, or it was just a one-day kind of thing.

I had brief thoughts of staying home today, but I would just feel lazy if I did. Going to my sister's after work for her husband's birthday. Tacos for dinner. Yum. And I think I might take some pictures, too.

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