Queue (queue) wrote,

Very different class tonight. Only three students there. The numbers had been falling a bit, but I think this week that at least two of the people in the class were on vacation.

I found out that my photos didn't turn out how I wanted them to because of the automatic correction for exposure that takes place in most printing machines. So, really, my photos are better than they look. I got a recommendation for South End Photo as a place that is actually able to not correct for exposure. And I think I may have found a place to develop any "interesting" pictures I end up taking. Definitely worth checking out the link. And! It's walking distance from work.

I'm going to need a few subjects for this week's assignment with flash. Any volunteers?

I think I'm going to go by Hunt's tomorrow with my tripod and see about getting the missing piece, along with a cable release. Either one or both of those will be useful for the flash assignment.
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