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Okay, I just registered for the portrait class at Brookline. It turns out that the class is at the Devotion School, which is right by Coolidge Corner. Tuesdays from late March through late May will be filled with much bookstore browsing and felafel.

Made my character for the new Krayzen game last night. Well, mostly. I just need to transfer him to a character sheet and purchase equipment. I'm pretty excited to start playing this character. I've got an interesting character concept, and I'm anxious to see how majes weaves it together with the other characters to make a campaign. I'm playing a one-armed spellcaster, so I had to pick the only school of magic that doesn't require hand movements to cast spells. It's the school of magic that changes the shapes of things, but I think I'm playing it in a bit different way than most people might.

I also stumbled upon a way to make a character with a lot of points in one's Special Focus Pool (SFP). Every time you cast a spell, points come out of there, and you need to rest to get them back. It's supposed to be calibrated so that you can cast something like 5 spells per day, in order to make spellcasters more balanced with the rest of the party. Depending on the spell, mine can cast something like 8 or 9 spells in one day (although it takes several days to completely refill the SFP). I think I've figured out a way to make a character who can cast between 30 and 40 spells in one day, depending on the spell. Of course, this character would take more than a week to refill his SFP after an orgy of spellcasting. Still, I imagine a team of these people who can cast one large attack spell 30 to 40 times. A handful of people could wipe out an army.

I think I might have to dig through the templates and find a particularly virulent application of this process, just to see what I can come up with. I don't want to play with a character like this; I like my character a lot. I just want to see how insane it can be.

I got in at 7:45 today. It took a bit to get up out of bed, especially since I didn't get to sleep until a little after midnight. Still, I managed to do it. I want to see how it feels to get in by 8 every morning this week. I'll either decide that I don't want to do it, or I'll find myself used to it. I really am a morning person, so I'm hoping I can get myself back into the habit of getting in early.

Photography class tonight. The silhouette assignment didn't produce too many actual silhouettes for me. Some worked; most didn't. But I learned something from the assignment, and I got some neat pictures, even if they're not all silhouettes. Today we learn how to use the flash. Next week we take pictures of something that makes us happy. And then we have our final class on March 2nd, where we talk about creating a portfolio. Then the Brookline class starts up on the 23rd.

I'll probably take a break from classes after that, so I think I'll try to start up a monthly photography club then, to keep me taking pictures.
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