Queue (queue) wrote,

So I found out that Ritz prints contact sheets. I dropped film off there yestrday from shooting jencallisto in the office with the flash (doesn't that sound like a Clue guess?) and picked it up this morning. It confirms the guide number that my flash said, which is no surprise since the flash is brand new. I'll have to try to remember to check it again in a few years, since I guess it'll get weaker with use.

So, I have to shoot a roll of silhouettes. I might go outside this afternoon before the sun sets and see if I can get a few shots. I should have ample opportunity over the weekend to finish off the roll, too. I'm feeling pretty okay that the mess in the viewfinder won't show up on the film, but I'll feel all okay once I see these pictures.

Since I got up late today, I decided not to go to Hunt's after work. I guess I don't need them to look at the camera, and I don't need the tripod bit or cable release any time soon, so I can put off another trip there. Plus it gives me a night to just go home after work and relax. Maybe get a little work done, but mostly just relax. I'll likely make dinner and then pop in the Coupling DVD. Follow that with a bath, then some reading. I'm just a bit more than half done with Expiration Date. I need to pick up the pace, since it and Earthquake Weather are due back at the library on the 23rd.

I'm looking forward to an evening full of Worms: Armageddon on Saturday with majes's kids. And I currently have absolutely nothing going on Sunday or Monday (Monday is a holiday, in case you've forgotten). I'm sure things will pop up, but it feels good to have two days in a row that are completely schedule-free.

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