Queue (queue) wrote,


Two different dreams last night with my dad as a character. In one of them, I got my first rejection letter in the mail. Somehow, though, it had been misrouted, and he found it and had it delivered to me (my dad worked for the post office from when I was in 5th grade until after I left home). So the letter had a little note from him inside it, explaining that it had been lost.

I forget what the second dream was about.

Hmm, yeah, I probably should write something and send it off to get a rejection letter. Or, more likely, a rejection email.

I seem to be having fewer sex-related dreams. I'm certainly not having more sex, so it may very well be that I'm getting used to how things are. I had a conversation with hrafn a few months ago or so about how I thought I might actually be better off being single. Interesting concept, especially for me.

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