Queue (queue) wrote,

An evening

Flash acquired. It's a Vivitar thingy, vertical (and horizontal?) bounce, adjustable power, and a zoom doohickey. And the sales associate was helpful, friendly, and professional, which is exactly what a sales associate should be but is not in many cases. I will definitely be going back to Hunt's and would encourage everyone else to go there for their photo needs.

Shopping done. At least some of it. A shopping list is really just a starting point. It's weird trying to limit myself based on how much I can carry to my house from the bus. I held off on getting fresh veggies because I'm likely to not be eating dinner at home for the next couple of days, what with class and possible euchre. So the next shopping trip is for fresh vegetables and dead animals.

Hummus not made. I picked up sushi at the store and had that and a bag of tortilla chips for dinner. In the morning, I'll make black bean hummus and pasta and bring that to work for lunch and dinner. Okay, it's a good theory, but we'll see what I manage to do. I don't know if I've ever been able to get myself to do anything more complicated in the morning than make a few sandwiches. It's very difficult for me not to rush into work as soon as I'm up. So, I'll try to get up early enough so that I can have enough time to make some food.

The West Wing finished. Yes, I was warned about the cliffhanger ending of the season. And, no, Amazon still doesn't have a date listed for the second season. I may have to console myself with some Stargate. And some Coupling.

Will I have the willpower to not play some Warlords 2 right now? Well, you'll never know.
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