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Something that could be considered actual work on my magazine!

I made a list of stories I like. I may go back and add the stories from Strange Horizons that made my short list for the poll but didn't make the cut.

If anyone actually has the time to read these stories, I would be very curious to know if you see any similarities in them, something that makes you say "Queue likes that kind of story."

Wow. Actual work. Maybe I'll take a whack at writing submission guidelines. I looked at some other submission guidelines, and I think I'll feel okay just making mine really basic. Something like:

  • speculative fiction
  • 1,000 - 8,000 words (flexible, but I don't generally like flash fiction or spending over an hour reading a story online)
  • I like plot.
  • whatever format I end up deciding (in the body of the email or as an attachment)
  • pay rate ($10, $15 per story), pay upon acceptance
  • rights (first electronic? stays on the Web site for at least X (4? 6?) months, then will stay forever unless author requests it to be removed)

Once I have my guidelines, I suppose the only thing to do is get the site designed. Then I can start spreading the word around that I'm accepting submissions. Err, and I guess I need to figure out how many stories I want to publish how often (I'm thinking 4 per month), how I'm going to pay authors (mail a check or PayPal?), and how I'm going to do the "contract" (an actual contract or just an explanation of permissions in email).
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