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Had a dream where majes, geeyodi, theora, jaq, mobledqueen, and I were watching Buffy. It was some weird fucked-up version of Buffy that I'm not even going to attmept to describe. And there were a few other things that went on that I don't have the energy to relate right now, so they will probably just end up being lost, but I'm okay with that. Also had other dreams before this, one of them with a really interesting plot thingy going on. I was participating in it but it was also like I was an audience member, trying to figure things out as it went along.

The Buffy dream was an unusual one for me in that it had so many recognizable characters. Most times when I have dreams with a lot of people in them, there will be one main person and possibly one or two people who are supporting characters, a lot of the times in the "and I think _whoever_ was there, but I'm not sure" kind of way. To have five recognizable people definitely in the dream is not something I think has ever happened.

Got home late from class because class went a little late (and I wasn't paying attention to the time) and becuase the next bus was a little late. Then when I got home, I had email waiting for me from majes, asking a mathy problem about his continuous damage dice. It's related to one that I solved for him last year some time, but it's a bit more complicated. I spent something like an hour coming up with a partial solution, going at things the slow dumb way. I think I've got enough of a pattern developed, though, to be able to come up with an easier way of calculating the rest of it. I'll work on that later this week, or posisbly today at work if I don't end up with anything to do.

The first part of class last night had us out in Harvard Square doing night photography. I had it in my head that we would all go out together, but she just had us go out by oursleves, in small groups if we wanted. Someone made noises about not knowing the area, so I offered to buddy up (sort of like cowboying up, but different). We hit the foot bridge then swung back around to the square. I shot a roll, and I'm really curious to see how it turns out. We met up with the instructor, and she showed us some of the pictures she had taken (she has a digital SLR camera). There's one panned shot of a bicyclist in front of a lit shop window that looks really cool. The shutter was open for half a second, so the background is nice and blurry. Very cool. And I caught brief glimpses of some shots she had taken of light reflected off of icy bricks on the ground.

It started snowing/hailing just as we were finishing up our outisde bit, so the timing was good. Then we did the usual looking at pictures from the previous assignment. Some of my pictures of magid would have been much better if her face weren't washed out. I'll have to learn to watch for things like that and to try stopping down a couple of stops.

I think I'm going to shoot a roll after work today in and around Copley Square, since I figure there will be some decent light.

Oh, and I think I am going to acquire a flash, a cable release, and a head for the tripod bubblebabble gave me. The insturctor suggested Hunt's in one of those M towns, Melrose or Medford. I forget which one. So I might try them out tomorrow or this weekend. I also need to do some more shopping. I did about half of my shopping, but I hit the limit for what I can reasonably carry from the bus to my house.

Feeling a little down for no particular reason. Staying up late last night probably didn't help (since I was up late working on the majes math problem, I figured I could stay up for The Simpsons, too).

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