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Since I didn't have any work to do at work (other than cleaning my desk), and since I had stuff I wanted to take care of at home, I decided to take a sick day today.

I got the package all packed up, and I'm going to ship it off when I head into town today for a stop at the Diesel before heading to photography class.

I got some dishes started soaking (I should go work on them after this post).

I fixed the Slow Wave entry on my comics page.

[wandered off into another window and forgot about this]

I just looked at the list for the Strange Horizons Readers' Choice Awards 2003. I scrolled through the list of stories and picked 10 that I remembered liking (I didn't read all of the stories, I think, but I'm still going to vote). I need to narrow that down to 5, so I think I'll reread them this week and then vote. I'll probably also browse through the art ones and vote on those, since there aren't that many of them.

So, relatively productive already today. Time to do some dishes. Then maybe think about starting in on the bathroom, which really needs cleaning. And I should think about breakfast at some point.

Oh, and I got pictures back last night. There are a few that are pretty neat, and I really liked how some of my panning experiments came out. I need to write info on the back of each picture (lens, shutter speed, aperture, date) before class tonight.
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