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They came and fixed the lights that are above my cubicle and the one next to me. It's a bank of three fluorescent lights, and only one had been working. Now all three are working, and it just seems so bright. I think I liked it better the other way.

Made more felafel last night. I made twice as much as I did on Sunday, and it barely fit into our biggest bowl for me to mix it up. I ended up making 17 balls, largish ones that are probably enough for a meal with pita and vegetables. I gave 8 to cthulhia and kept the other 9. hrafn and I are going to take some with on our trip to Indiana (for my sister's wedding), and we're going to freeze the rest, which will probably turn into lunches after we get back. cthulhia had one last night, and proclaimed them "good". I haven't had one yet, as I was rushing to get them done last night. Since we have a really small food processor, I was doing it all in batches, and it took me something like 45 minutes to prep it (not including the 1/2 hour that it has to sit before baking).
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