Queue (queue) wrote,


Brunch was good. Stuffed myself and played games. Got home late.

Still haven't seen my roommate in this calendar year. But a check for the electric bill appeared on the table, so I know he's still alive.

Took some pictures at brunch. Just finished the second roll now in Copley Square. Dropped the film off at the new Ritz Camera across from the library. If they do a decent job, I'll likely switch to them. They have a frequent shopper card for $16 per year. With it, I can get 2 rolls in 1 hour for $10, which is $4 or $5 cheaper than at Walgreens. So, just with the rest of this photo class, it would be worth it. I'll see if I can get one of those cards when I go to pick the pictures up later this afternoon.

Story reading tonight. I haven't written anything, and I'm not likely to, unless it's some dumb poem. I may read something from LCRW, but I'll wait until I get there to decide.

I actually brought a decent amount of food to work today. Hummus and pita and two sandwiches. So far, I've eaten less than half of the hummus that I brought and zero sandwiches. And I'm pretty full. No idea why I'm not hungrier, since that's all I've had to eat today. Probably leftover weirdness from eating oddly yesterday. I'll probably end up having the sandwiches for dinner.
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