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January 25th, 2004
01:35 am


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An afternoon and an evening
Got a nap in. Managed to get to Cleveland Circle for Slayerfest. Last episode of Season 4 plus the first 5 episodes of Season 5. Very fun, very cozy, very good company. And I even managed to make it back to Sullivan in time to catch the last bus. And I finished LCRW and read mabfan's story Pay it Forward, which I thought was very cool.

Time to warm up with a bath, go to sleep, then up in the morning to make hummus, maybe make chicken for meals next week, and then off to brunch and gaming. Busy busy.

I guess no email today (today being Saturday, since I haven't gone to bed yet). No email tomorrow, either, since I likely won't have time. I guess I'll just hold off and see what happens within the next week or so. Maybe I should write about it so it stops popping up in my dreams.

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