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Today - Queue — LiveJournal
January 24th, 2004
08:59 am


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So, what to do today.

Slayerfest isn't until 6, so I've got a lot of time.

I could swing by Davis to pick something up and then also take some pictures for my photo assignment. Of course, I had an offer for the pickup to happen for me tomorrow, which is pretty tempting considering how cold it is. But getting in the habit of getting my lazy ass out of the house on my own on the weekends isn't a bad thing.

I could sit at home and take pictures here.

I could spend some time thinking and researching for my magazine.

I could write an email that I'm not sure I want to write.

I could swing by Davis, take some pictures, come home and do some magazine stuff, all the while letting the idea of writing that email be processed in the background.

Dream. Really, how many emails have I written because of a dream? Several, that's how many.

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