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Photography class

So everyone set their pictures out on the tables, and we went around the class looking at everyone's pictures in turn. The person said a bit about it, then the instructor made some comments, then we made some comments. It was very neat seeing what everyone else did and what challenges they had.

I opted not to do the photo CD thing, since it's kind of expensive. I think I might just invest in a scanner if I manage to keep this up for a while after the class. For now, though, I'm interested in borrowing some scanner time. dannarra, I know you have a scanner, and you guys are the closest to me. Any chance I could come over to use it, maybe tomorrow evening some time?

The current assignment has us playing with depth of field. We take a shot at the widest aperture, bracketing with shutter speed. Then the same shot at the smallest aperture, again bracketing with shutter speed. I'm going to do some with the 50 mm lens and then some more with the 80-210 mm lens, playing around with different focal lengths, too.

Speaking of depth of field, I had a really shallow depth of field for the pictures I took of majes, geeyodi, and the boys on Sunday. Group shots with them standing behind each other invariably had one person in focus and the rest not. Still, there were some decent shots. One in particular the instructor liked. It has the boys next to each other in the foreground, a bit apart, a bit out of focus. majes is between them and slightly behind, and he's in focus. It's an unusual picture in that the background object is in focus instead of the foreground, but it works.

Of the pictures I took on Saturday (the ones that ended up turning out), the instructor picked out three that she liked in particular. One of volta, with his hair going out at an angle, framing his face. One of wispfox looking off to the side with her eyes lit nicely. One of zzbottom with an interesting tilt of his head. Three good pictures (not that the others were awful) out of 24 is pretty decent, I guess. I think I need to work on getting a handle on composition with portraits.

I'm digging this class as much as I thought I would.

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