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So I finally got around to reading Griffin & Sabine and Sabine's Notebook. treacle_well got them for me for my birthday in, umm, 2002? I had never gotten around to reading them, and then I couldn't find them for a while. I found them again when hrafn helped me clean my room 3 weeks ago (and it's still clean!).

What extraordinary books! The art and the story are both compelling. I can't wait to hunt down the other 4 books in the series at some point.

I wonder if I could do something funky to incorporate art into my magazine. I would have to make sure that it doesn't detract from the readability of the magazine. Hmm. Brings up the question of whether I should just stick with Web pages for the magazine or whether I should also make a PDF version available. Hmm.

Did some more thinking over the weekend, and my current thought is that I want to collect at least one rejection letter before I start up my own magazine. Not much free time before story reading on Monday, but I'll see if that deadline can get at least the start of something out of me.
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