Queue (queue) wrote,


So the office has upgraded to Panther. I've been using OS X for a while, but everyone else has been using 9. Just did some training, and I learned some new things, so that's cool. The one thing that sucks is that they didn't include Terminal in this install. I asked about it and was told "if you really need it, let us know." Of course, I only "really need it" to check my email, so I don't think I can really ask them. So I snagged some OS 9 SSH app. Anyone know of a decent SSH client for OS X? I doubt that such a thing exists, since there isn't any need to have one because of Terminal. So, whatever.

On Friday, I had told my supervisor that I could stay late today and finish this thing u that I'm doing today, but I had forgotten about my photography class tonight. So I guess I'll get started and see how long it's going to take me. Although, really, she did say that one day later won't be all that big of a deal, so we'll see.

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