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Home from Arisia. 30 degrees at 2:00. That's more like it. Of course, we're supposed to get snow tomorrow. So I think staying home is looking better, especially since it looks like my roommate isn't around. And I imagine he'll be somewhere watching football tomorrow, so I think it's likely that I won't see him the entire day on Sunday. Ahhhh. I can sit at home alone.

I actually don't think I've seen my roommate since 2003. I've heard him when I've been in my room or in the basement, but I haven't actually seen him. No complaints.

Highlights of the day included, among other things, the Tim Powers speech and the movie Shaolin Soccer.

And I managed to shoot a roll of portraits. I think I'm going to try to hunt people down for portrtaits on Monday and then take it to Ritz Camera by my work Tuesday morning for 1-hour processing so I'll have the pictures for class on Tuesday.
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