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Tired. I was up until midnight last night, and, as usual lately, I woke up a number of times during the night. Not motivated to do the stuff I need/want to do before Arisia. I need to figure out food to bring. I want to figure out panel schedule, but I can probably wait on that until Saturday, since I don't think there are really any panels I want to go to Friday night. Umm. I want to finish Last Call. That could probably wait until Saturday, too, since Tim Powers's speech isn't until Saturday.

Nappitude. I could use a nap, and maybe going to bed early.

I also want to read some articles on editing online magazines, as well as check out some of the sites linked from those articles (I started in on them last night). Umm. I guess that's all I'd wanted to get done before Arisia. Err, I supposed packing things, like my lab coat, a few games, umm, and whatnot.

I'm here for another hour. If I can face that. As usual, even with my slackness, I've got plenty of time to get the work done that I need to get done, so I could leave nowish. And that's with having a shortisher day tomorrow what with a team meeting, lunch, and leaving early to get to Arisia. Won't help the ol' time bank, but I'm not terribly worried about that. I knocked a couple of hours off of it this week, so adding a few won't hurt much. As long as I manage to keep it not much more than 3 days in the hole, I'm not going to worry about it for a while.

Still tired, but I think I can face a little bit of work now.
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