Queue (queue) wrote,


The emergency thingy just sounded at work. Waiting to hear if our floor gets evacuated. Of course, if it does, then I might be able to convince a co-worker to let me take a portrait, since we'll already be outside anyway.

I think I hear sirens in the distance, which I imagine is standard procedure for whatever alarm went off.

If I die, tell 'em I died like I came into this world: screaming like a baby.

Update: Some guy came out of the stairs and checked something by the elevators, then radioed some guy asking if they had water on 16 (I'm on the 11th floor). I can hear people walking down the stairs, so I imagine they're evacuating a higher floor, likely 16.

Update 1107: We just got announcement that the alarm was due to "an activation on the 7th floor" and that the Boston Fire Department has responded and declared the building safe for re-entry. So I guess that means I'm going to have to work a little harder to get any portraits today.

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