Queue (queue) wrote,


Well, not really. I came downstairs to do some research. I had a vague idea in my mind of getting info on what all is out there, especially what is out there that doesn't pay. I ended up reading half of a story on SciFiction and coming up with this page (mostly gathered from Write-Hemisphere). It's a start, anyway.

I've been noodling over the idea of naming the webzine Fantasia, in honor of the now-defunct Compendium. But I dunno. Still more noodling to do.

And I've given some thought to paying a token amount for stories, just to have it be a paying market instead of a non-paying one. Dunno if that means I'd have to do contracts and all that (dunno if I'd have to do contracts and all that for non-paying, either, for that matter). More thought and research on that one.

Okay, time to go watch Simpsons. And then maybe I'll start on Last Call. I finished the BattleTech trilogy today. Neato. I need to dig up some more BattleTech books. And I want to play some BattleTech or other miniatures combat. Getting in that kind of tactical exercise would be good.

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