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Yesterday a little before 11, my supervisor came and asked me what I was working on. I told her (it was a low-priority thing), and she said she had some more stuff that had come in, so she would sort through it and get me started on it.

I finished up the stuff I was working on some time yesterday afternoon, working pretty slowly. Still no word.

And still no word today, nearing the end of the day. Not really motivated to go bug her to give me work, so I've done precisely zero work today, unless you count the little bit of straightening my desk I did, plus reading some work-related email.

So I've been wasting time on the Web. I learned that CafePress does books now. You can get a regular paperback with a color cover done for $7 plus 3 cents per page, and there are no setup costs or minimum numbers of orders. Sure, it's a lot more expensive than a regular paperback, but I could just print up 10 of these for a minimal layout of cash. Of course, I'd actually have to have something to publish, first. Still, it's neat to know that such options exist.

I also finished up with the webzine reading in my queue, reading this week's Strange Horizons story. I enjoyed it, although it was really three separate stories, all wit the same tone but nothing (that I could see) to really connect them. Kind of weird that Fortean Bureau also has a story in its most recent issue that is in parts, with the parts the same in tone but otherwise not really connected. I liked both stories, but I was left wondering if there might be some larger message that I missed out on.

You know what? I should just declare that I'm starting a webzine and start accepting stories and see what I get. Yes. Yes I should. And since it won't be a paying market, maybe I won't feel bad about putting a story of my own in there, which would be a good way to motivate myself to write something. Okay, going to do some thinking about this in another post.
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