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January 2nd, 2004
04:17 pm


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So I started a story. It's not what I had been thinking about today, but it'll do. I've got a basic idea of what's going on in the beginning. I think I'll write everything that I know so far and then see how it wants to go from there. Unfortunately, I don't think I can write any more for a little while. The story has some sex in it, and writing about it is turning me on. I've had to take a few . . . breaks from writing, but I need some time to recover before I'm ready to write again. So I think I might make some food and watch a movie.

Feeling quite a bit better than I was this morning. I ended up being on the computer for a while, reading some stories. I think a combination of being by myself, read some good stories, and finally writing something helped to pull me out of whatever it was. I think I'll write a bit more later this evening after the movie.

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