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December 30th, 2003
12:44 pm


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A morning
Got up early, and my mom came over. I made us a quick breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast, then we headed out to Revere Beach. Overcast skies, and it was a bit windy on the beach. Still very nice, though. I took a roll of film with the zoom lens. I think I'm going to like the last picture on the roll the best. It's a portrait shot of my mom. I really like how using the long focal length for a portrait makes the background more out of focus. I took one portrait as she was just sitting there. I wanted some movement on her face, so I asked her a question, and she twisted her mouth up as she answered, and I think I snapped it at just the right spot. We'll see. I was going to do the 1-hour photo thing at Walgreens again, but their machine wasn't working this morning, so the film will be ready tomorrow.

Came home (after dropping the film off) and played my new game (a gift from my mom), Killer Bunnies. It's a card game for 2 to 8 people. It was fun with 2 people, and I think it will be more fun with more people. Not heavy on the strategy, but kinda goofy and with enough weird things in there to make it interesting. I'll probably drag it out at the party next week. The rules aren't very well done, so I'm going to check out their Web site to see if they have any clarifications there.

Started reading hrafn's dad's book, Portal, while my mom did some job hunting on my computer. I was already completely cringed out by the second page, even though I had been expecting it. But, I like the author, so I plunged forward. Started dozing, though, so I put the book away and napped for a while. My mom finished using the computer, and we each had a bowl of the potato soup from Sunday. Still yummy. She took off, and I'm doing a quick email check before going back to the living room to nap some more, I think. I'm waking up a bit, though, so we'll see. Not awake enough to do any writing, though. I may still get a story off to Strange Horizons by Thursday, but I'm preparing myself for the possibility that I don't.

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Date:December 30th, 2003 10:42 am (UTC)

killer bunnies

muttstain has been trying to get me to play that game at furbyhaus for a while now. however, the game mechanic is apparently annoying enough that none of our mututal gamers who've played it once want to play it again, and always lure me away to their game instead.

that said, i'm still curious to see what it's like.
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Date:December 30th, 2003 10:49 am (UTC)

Re: killer bunnies

I didn't find the game mechanic annoying at all. In fact, I like the fact that you have to plan ahead and that your plans sometimes get ruined.
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