Queue (queue) wrote,

Waking up

Just got up from a 4-hour nap. Dunno how long I'll stay up until I go to bed for the night.

Spent Christmas Eve playing games and watching movies at my sister's. Spent Christmas playing games and watching movies at my sister's. Then went and saw Lost in Translation, then went home and watched The Hulk. Borrowed my mom's car last night rather than bus home from Watertown, so I used the car to go grocery shopping today. I also washed dishes, cleaned up a little in the living room, and watched some 3rd season Simpsons. I'll probably watch some more of that right now.

Tomorrow I plan to return the car to my mom and hang out and play some games or something. I think I'm going to make some potato soup for Sunday and clean my room.

Oh, and I also started taking some pictures with my new camera. Took some at my sister's without having the batteries for the exposure meter. I have a feeling that they'll be a bit underexposed. Took one picture today with the batteries in, but I'm not clear on how to read the exposure meter yet. I might also start reading the camera manual tonight.
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