Queue (queue) wrote,


What glorious weather!!! The temp, the wind, the little bits of rain. Reminds me of Portland.

I went to lunch with my mom at Parish Cafe, which I had never been to. They do dishes from various chefs at restaurants around the area. I had a sandwich with pork, with a lime and green cury tartar sauce. Very good. My mom had a rare tuna steak on top of scallion focaccia with some sort of wasabi sauce. Yum.

Finished up what I had to do, so I'm going to make sure there's nothing else I have to do and then take off for the day. And for the year. Going to my sister's house for tonight and tomorrow, then going to see Lost in Translation tomorrow evening. No other plans yet for my vacation other than Shogun on the 4th (assuming we can get enough people, which we won't know for a little while longer). We'll see if I can muster the motivation to get a story written and submitted by the first of the year.

Speaking of the first of the year, no plans for New Year's Eve yet. It turns out my mom and sister are going to be staying home, so I might end up over there playing games and eating pizza. Dunno if anything else is going on or not. Anyone going to be around for New Year's Eve and not already have plans?
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