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So, the work I got today was a project I was splitting with another person. I got in a bit late, so he had already started a little. He showed me what to do, and then I went and did it. I was a little worried about not doing it as quickly as he was, since I was not feeling much like working today (I'm still not). But then he told me that he had been moved on to something else and that I was going to finish up this whole thing, so he gave me his half. And I had done more than he had.

To top it off, I talked to another person who is in charge of this project, and she said that, as long as I can get it done this week or even early next week (but I'll be out, so this week), it should be fine. This was after I told her I could have it done by tomorrow noonish. I'm not going to deliberately go slow, but I'm not going to feel too bad about not being uber-productive today, since I know I can make the deadline.

I'm leaving here in about 45 minutes. I think I'm going to swing by Ritz Camera on Charles Street on the way home to get batteries for the light meter for the camera. Oh, and I found that someone had HTML-ized the instruction manual for my camera, so I don't have to try to hunt one down. Reminder to myself that there are good things to be had from googling "konica auoreflex tc", which is the model of my camera.

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