Queue (queue) wrote,

Gut versus head

I've always gone by my gut. For good or for bad, that's what I've done. It hasn't always led me on the path to bliss, but it's the strongest thing, what I listen to most, and, in the end, I'm generally happy with its results, or I at least learn how to be. Recently my head has started to try to overpower my gut, in one area in particular. My head seems to make sense, but then I get confronted with stuff, and my gut wants to take over again, blocking out what my head is telling me. But do I really want to be ruled by my head? Part of me says that's the best thing for this situation. But part of me thinks I should follow my gut, since that's been my guiding principle for so long.

What I'd really like to do is talk about it, but I don't see how that's possible right now. And it's possibly not even a good idea.

I think I've settled on just waiting and seeing what happens and how I fee after a while (although it's going to be a battle to keep my gut in check). But any opinions on the matter would certainly be listened to.

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