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My department is doing visits to local high schools, mostly to see what sorts of materials they're using, get ideas for what sorts of materials might be useful for them to have, stuff like that. So I'm going with a group of people to Chelsea High School on Thursday. I just have to walk down to Everett Square and catch the 112 bus for a few minutes, so that's cool. However, I just found out that we're only going to be there from 8:30 until 11:30, so we're expected to show up at the office for the afternoon. Oh well. At least it will break up the day. I figure I won't make it back to the office until 12:30 (unless someone offers me a ride, in which case I'd feel like I should accept, except then they might expect me to offer to pay for gas or parking or soemthing dumb like that), then my usual hour to browse email and such-like, so really I'll only have 3 hours or so to do actual work, so that won't be too bad. (If I get any actual work. None so far today.)

Time to start reading the 12-part serial in Strange Horizons, the last part of which has just been posted.

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