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Stress dream last night. A common topic: school. However, usually my school dreams involve a school I've been to (almost always my high school), and I forget where my classes are, or where my locker is, or what my locker combination is, or I've forgotten to go to a class all year and now I have to go take the final.

This time, however, it was a school I haven't been to. I was new there, and the layout was very confusing. I had a map, but I couldn't figure out how the map corresponded to the physical layout of the school. And, to top it off, they had things there that made it more difficult to get to where you were going. One thing they had was this guy in some sort of clown outfit who would run around and pick on a random person. I had figured out which direction I needed to go on, when this clown came out and bumped into me, so of course he decided to pick on me. I had a couple of laundry bags full of clothes, and he kept trying to pull my clothes out of them. I didn't want to lose any of it, so I was trying to get the clothes back while continuing to try to go where I wanted to go. I finally made it past him. I got into a crowded hall, and I bumped into this guy wearing a suit and sunglasses. He looked at me as I passed. Another guy in suit and sunglasses came up to me next, grabbed me by the arm. "Can't you leave me alone?" I said. "I've already been salted." Which meant that the clown guy had already bothered me and I had overcome him, so the suit guys decided to leave me alone, since I had alreayd gotten the harassment. I got to some big room with 4 or 5 doors, and I wasn't sure which one to go to. At this point, two people were chasing me, although I don't remember why. There was one room that was labeled something like "Emergency only. Call 911. Seniors not allowed." So some sort of escape place for new people, where the upper classmen (whose job it was to hassle the new people, apparently) couldn't go. I went into the room. There was a sign that said "Don't call." Handwritten on a piece of paper, hung up on a lamp. Another sign, right near the phone, said "Dial 2 first before dialing 911." I got the idea that dialing 2 would connect you to one of "their people" who would try to convince you not to dial 911. I left that room, and found where I wanted to go. Oh, I just remembered that, before getting to the big empty room, I was chased by these two people down some stairs. There were big metal railings, and I used them to swing down without touching the stairs themselves, thus speeding up my escape. It's something I've done in real life at least once, and it's something I've done in dreams quite a bit. Anyway, I left the phone room and found the room numbers around were similar to the room I was looking for. However, I came up to two doors, and they weren't the right number. I realized that the door I wanted was across the room, and the people chasing me were between me and it. So I ran, but they grabbed my clothes that I was carrying, and they also grabbed money out of my back pocket. I dove into the room, and I was safe. I collapsed in a heap, onto my back. Everyone looked at me as they were getting up. I somehow knew that I had arrived at the dramatically appropriate moment, just as the teacher had said they were done for the day, and everyone was starting to get up while waiting for the bell. I was outof breath and couldn't speak, and everyone was just staring at me. I made a sign-language j, to indicate my last name, so the teacher would know who I was. She asked if I was [my name], and I nodded, made a j again, and pointed at my chest. She said something about how it was okay that I had missed the first class. It was a computer class. And then she said "And we didn't even talk about computers." And that seemed funny and ironic, like it wrapped up the whole adventure, and I think that's when I woke up.
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