Queue (queue) wrote,

Bizarre snail mail

I got a letter addressed to me (with only the first part of my last name, though), with a reutrn address of "Rudolph, North Pole." the envelope was printing on the envelope was done with computer in red ink. Inside was one piece of Santa stationery, with a picture of Santa all around the borders, with clear space in the middle to write. It was from Rudolph, saying that they were trying to get all of the reindeer fit this year, so please leave veggies for Santa instead of sweets. And there was some postscript from Mrs. Claus saying something about veggies, too, I think.

The postmark was Gary, IN, which is the postmark on letters from my grandparents at their old place. I don't think anyone else still lives around there, so I have no idea who sent it. I'll have to remember to ask my mom if she knows anything about it. My best guess so far is that my aunt who lives a bit south of there sent it, and she sent it from there so that the postmark wouldn't give her away.

My relatives are weird.
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