Queue (queue) wrote,

The snow has started. The sky has that glow, that glow it gets when there's snow on the ground and clouds in the sky, the city lights bouncing between the two.

I sitting in the basement with the heat on, doing a quick final proofread for The Urban Bizarre, something I happened upon doing a friendsfriends. Some really great stuff in here, including an excellent story by charliegrrrl. I definitely need to seek out more proofreading opportunities.

Dinner was good. Farfalle (bow-tie pasta) topped with black beans cooked with garlic, ginger powder, ground coriander, salt, and lemon juice. The beans are a bit tart all by themselves, but they are perfect with the pasta. I think I may have to experiment with lemon-heavy pasta toppings some more. Yum.

I should probably go to bed soon, but I think I'll proofread one more story. That'll leave me with two left for tomorrow. With the snow, I think I'm staying in tomorrow until I head out to get fed and drunked. That'll give me plenty of time to finish the proofreading, make beef jerky (which is marinating right now), watch some Stargate, and maybe even do some writing. Err, and probably some dishes. Here's hoping my roommate feels the need to take off for the day.
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