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Dream last night with Z in it. A large group of people were going to a movie. I happened to get a seat next to Z. She turned to me and confessed a crush on me. I was very excited, since I had (err, have) a crush on her as well. However, there were (are) complicating issues. So I didn't know how to respond at first. I stood up and ran through a bunch of things in my mind. I finally decided that I would let her know that I had a crush on her as well. I sat back down and kissed her, surprising her. Then I cuddled up next to her. There's a bit more, but I don't want to get into specifics for fear that this person might be recognized. I'll just say that I got the idea that Z was willing to see where this mutual crush went for a few days, but then the other issues would have to be dealt with.

In another dream last night, a few people and I got called into the boss's office at work. Everyone there was getting lightly reprimanded for something, and my infraction was long-distance phone calls, specifically local long-distance. It turned out that my daily calls to magid were actually long distance, and I was costing the company a lot of money, so I was going to have to cut back. They were being all nice about reprimanding me, but I still felt really embarrassed.

In other news, forced with the prospect of cleaning my room, my brain figured out where my balaclava had to be, and I found it this morning. So, no need to clean my room tonight.
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