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Finding myself not wanting to go to sleep. I watched a few Stargate episodes after getting home tonight (have now finished 2 out of 5 DVDs). I've been going to bed late and sleeping in during my vacation. I didn't get up until noon today! So, I'm not looking forward to having to get up earlier. Also, I guess I don't feel that I was productive at all during my vacation, so I don't want to end it. Ending it means that I go back to work not really having made productive use of my time. So, the longer I stay awake, the longer I put off ending it. Of course, the longer I stay awake, the less sleep I'll get.

Have to return the movies I rented to the library tomorrow. They don't open until 9, so maybe I'll get up a little early and cook something to take in for lunch, then walk to the library, then catch the bus the rest of the way to Sullivan. I'm also going to be returning The Photographer's Handbook, which is due back at Copley on Thursday. I think I've gotten everything I'm going to get out of it at this point.

My mom left a message today, saying that, if the house doesn't sell (I don't know how it changes plans if the house does sell), she's planning on leaving the morning of December 14th, driving out to her parents' place in Maryland, staying there a few days, then coming up here. To live. She'll be staying with my sister and her husband for a little while, until she finds a job and a place to live, I guess. Good thing they just moved into a 2-bedroom place, since I don't have the extra space any more for her to stay here.

Okay, guess I head to bed now. Although what I really want to do is grab some cereal and watch another Stargate episode.

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