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Whee - Queue — LiveJournal
November 26th, 2003
11:37 pm


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No roommate until Sunday! So nice to know that I'll have the house to myself for several days.

Dinner tonight of London broil, salad, and green beans. Dessert was chocolate mousse. Cities & Knights, a good game (and my first four-player game in quite a while), and majes won. Then I lost a betting game of Carcassonne (I _almost_ had the game, and theora would have had to put up a userpic of the tongue-sticking-out picture I took of her). I have to at some point have two alcoholic drinks (ones I like the taste of) in less than an hour. I figured it was about even to the userpic thing, so I agreed. I think I'll make the userpic thing a standard bet for any Carcassonne games, so hopefully it will eventually get in.

Nothing going on until dinner at 6 tomorrow, so another whole day to hang out at home. Hopefully I'll play less Warlords 2 than I did today. Finished the last Buffy episode in Season 4 today. I really liked it. Hmm, maybe I could get Stargate Season 4 tomorrow from dannarra.

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