Queue (queue) wrote,


Was just going to watch two more, leaving, I assumed, the two-part season finale for another day. Turns out the two-parter was just before the season finale, so I actually watched three. The actual season finale is a dream show, and it's one I actually saw. I was watched it with geeyodi, and, at the time, I had no idea what was going on. I may not have even started watching season 1 yet. So, anyway, I'm giving it a rest until tomorrow, at least. I don't remember everything in it, and it'll also be different now that I know about all of the different story lines.

Hungry, but that probably just means I should head to bed. But mebbe I'll be bad and have a bowl of cereal, read some Anne Rice, then attempt to watch Simpsons (I tried to watch the 7:30 Simpsons, but the antenna was being a butt). Maybe I'll take another bath.
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