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Had a dream with X in it last night. We were in a room, and some other person was in the next room. For some reason, we had to change our clothes. I jokingly suggested that I would change right there, joking because of the person in the other room, and because X and I haven't seen each other with clothes off. I decided that, well, I really could change right there. Maybe X said something to make me think so. Anyway, I stood with a large chair between me and the other room, so the person in the other room couldn't see me, and I took my shirt off. Then X had her shirt off, and she didn't have anything underneath. I leaned over to her (so that the person in the other room couldn't hear what I was saying) and said, "You have nice breasts." And then I repeated it in slightly different words, making it sound sincere, so X would know that I really did like her breasts, that I wasn't just saying it to come on to her. And she really did have nice breasts. They were small, but they were perfectly curved and smooth. (If I ever see X's breasts in real life (ha!), I'll try not to hold them up to the ideal of the dream breasts.) Then the dream kind of fast forwarded, and I guess we were already changed, because she had another shirt on. I saw that she was shaking, like from some extreme emotional distress. "What's wrong?" I said. "You said I have nice breasts," X said. "What's wrong with that?" I asked. I don't rememeber the exact words she said next, but the jist was, "You didn't do anything to investigate how nice they were." I think I might have been stunned for a second or so, then I untucked her shirt and started putting my hands up inside her shirt. I think that's when I woke up, or the dream changed or something.
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