Queue (queue) wrote,


Zendo was played, although with only three of us. Still, it was both fun and valuable. Main lesson learned for me was that it is difficult to determine the size of a piece on sight, even if one is used to playing with the small pyramids, so some occasional reminders about what size pieces you're putting down would be useful.

Also played a quick game of Battle Line, which I hadn't done in a while. Also was reminded that I still need to play Shogun.

And now I feel like I'm officially on my weekend. Didn't really feel like it before, since I had to come right home from work and do stuff. I have to do stuff tomorrow (helping my sister and her husband move), but at least it's not until later, and I can pretty much sleep in until whenever I want. I think I might watch some Diagnosis Murder now. Or maybe tonight would be a good night to watch Hush. Decisions, decisions.
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