Queue (queue) wrote,

The mother of all Fridays

My schedule is already filling up, but my vacation starts after work today. I have a nine-day weekend. I have two meetings today and some work to do in between the meetings, so I think today should go by pretty quickly. Zendo tonight. I haven't taken (or had, really) the time to figure out Zendo stones, so I'm just going to use the normal ones (assuming I can find mine). They're going to be a bit hard to see, but it'll work. Still don't know precisely how many people are coming over, but it's an extremely flexible game, so it's all good.

Reading some more in The Photographer's Handbook. The bits on using a microscope are pretty cool. I don't suppose anyone has an old microscope sitting around? Might be fun to see what kind of pictures I could get with that. I guess it's possible to just steady the camera over the eyepiece, but they make special attachments for microscopes, too. I suppose I'll wait a while to try microscope photography, though. At least until I'm pretty comfortable with the normal functioning of the camera.
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