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I should have brought all of it - Queue — LiveJournal
November 20th, 2003
01:51 pm


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I should have brought all of it
I only brought half of the leftover pasta for lunch, but I'm hungry again. I should have brought all of it. I have a few small pitas, which I'll probably eat. Dunno if I can hold out until 5:00 on just that, though. Maybe I'll get a Pop-Tart from the vending machine.

Finished the main work I had to do for the day. I have some stuff that I am supposed to look at and comment on, so I guess i'll do that. It's the intermediary stuff, but it's mostly stuff that has to do with primary grades, so it's not terribly interesting to me. Oh, wait, do I have a meeting today? *checks* No, that's tomorrow. So, yeah, I'll read over the stuff and surf LiveJournal and maybe some webzines. Still haven't foudn anything as nice as Strange Horizons. And what the hell is with the complicated, messy-looking Web sites for these webzines?

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