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Been having some interesting dreams lately. One I had last night had three distinct parts. In the second part, I was trying to go somewhere with some people from the first part. I think we had to attack something, but we didn't have appropriate weapons. We wandered into this room, and there were a lot of cops. We checked, but none of the cops had bazookas, which is what we really needed. Not really thinking about why, I decided to grab one of the cops' guns. I held the cop in front of me and started shooting the other cops in the room. I shot a lot of them, but they didn't fall down or die (Buffy last night had spirit warrior people who wouldn't die). I got hit somewhere finally, so I decided to give up. I held my hands up, dropped the gun, still with the cop in front of me. But after I dropped the gun, I was shot really badly in the side of the arm. They arrested me then, but first they bandaged me up, and they were really careful about it. Someone took me away, still being careful of my arm, and this transitioned into the third part of the dream. Oh, but at some point, maybe it was at the transition point, I realized that what I had done when I started shooting the cops was I had drawn all of the heavy firepower in the city to the building where I was, because they had to deal with me. I realized that that gave the people who were with me the opportunity to grab a bazooka from one of them and still be able to attack whatever it was we needed to attack, so I really had sacrificed myself for a greater good, even though I was just running on instinct when I did it. That part was definitely influenced by me finishing Ender's Shadow last night. when I start reading again, I haven't decided if I want to read Speaker for the Dead or the next book in the Bean series.
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