Queue (queue) wrote,

Programming ideas

One thing I want to write is something I'm calling Dossier. Basically just a database that lets me keep information about people in it. Any information I get about a person, I could put in there. I suppose I could also send it all the email I recieve from and send to that person. I suppose I could just make an Access database with an ever-expanding list of types of data. I've got to do some more thinking about this to decide what exactly I want it to do, how I would use it. It's basically a replacement for a real, working brain, with real, working memory, which I seem to have lost somewhere along the way.

The other thing is a gift registry where the person who the gifts are for can't see anything. So, basically, you'd sign up with the system, then tell your friends and family what your name on the system is. They would sign up with the system, then list you as someone they're buying gifts for. They could list a gift, and there would also be a bulletin board to discuss gift ideas for said person. Everyone who adds that person to their list would be able to see this information, but the person who the gifts are for would not. The only problem I see is that there's nothing to stop someone from making a second account just to see what they're getting. Would this be enough to make people not use it? Or would you just rely on someone not "cheating"? More details to work out on that one, but I'm curious to know what people think about this question.

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