Queue (queue) wrote,

Another thing I get out of LiveJournal

As evidenced by my previous post, posting in LiveJournal helps me reach decisions. I would not have decided to go ahead and sign up for the class today if I hadn't typed about it in my journal. See, I think best by talking. Unlike normal people, it is very difficult for me to just sit by myself and think about something. I've found that I think best when I'm talking to someone else. I discovered that email lets me do the same thing. Then I discovered that LiveJournal lets me do the same thing. It has a bit of a different quality, since it's not directed at a single person. But it still works. And it helps that it's public, so that I feel some accountability for the decisions that I reach, which makes it more difficult for me to back out of them, which is a good thing. So, yeah.
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